Make Your Next Meeting More Efficient

We’ve all been in poorly planned meetings that drone on forever, lack purpose, and sap our energy.  Meetings are unavoidable, but with a little planning, you can turn them into the most productive part of your day.  Here are some simple steps for more efficient and productive meetings:

-Have a clear agenda for meetings, circulated in advance, so that you and others can come prepared.

-Organize your thoughts and supporting information in a concise manner beforehand to present information more effectively.

-In meetings, reward individuals for speaking up appropriately and sharing their thoughts, even if you do not agree with what they are saying.

-Have someone take notes at meetings and circulate them afterwards to participants.  List actions and follow-up items with accountability.

-Always end meetings on a positive note. Be careful of critical comments at the end of the meeting. Instead, express your confidence in people and thank them for their participation and for their ideas.

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